Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eve wants YOU!

Okay, don't get the wrong idea. She wants your pin-ups! 

We're planning a New York Comic-Con exclusive "making of" book and we'll have space for fan art. So if you fancy yourself an artist and want to please our vampire diva - send us your best color pin-up of our fanged warrior or her cast of troublemakers!

Full credit will be given and the book will be sold at the Arcana booth. Who knows where your pin-up can lead you!

E-mail your submissions to:


Jhomar Soriano said...

I'd like to submit my fanart, so what's the deadline?

Aly said...

I found this site not long ago, an i was wondering if there will ever be a film made of Eve: Vampire Diva? The art is fantastic!

Send Comments to: said...

Actually, we're going to use all Ash's art for the pin-up book as time is tight! We took interiors from the book and turned in some great pin-ups that follow along Eve's story. We also have some new art including the Front and Back covers.

We do plan to include fan art in either the trade or the next series - so send away. Heck, if I get enough I'll post 'em on the blog.

As for a film? Hey - we're hoping! Spread the word! Who do you think would make a good Eve? I know who I'd cast!

Aly said...

Im really intrested in acting as the charecter "Eve".
Would you happen to know if i need to contact anyone about it?

Send Comments to: said...

We'd love a movie for Eve, and if Hollywood comes calling, we'll certainly be listening!