Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wizard World Philly

We had a blast last month meeting a lot of Eve fans at the New York Comic Con! Can't wait till next year! We also sold a bunch of Eve sets to new readers which is always a thrill!

Ash and I will be at Wizard World Philly, May 30 - June 1st in artist alley (Table 1709). We'll also be right next to our friends at Koni Waves (table 1711).

I'll be there all three days and Ash will be there Saturday and Sunday. Also at the table will be our significant others, Patti and Katie-Lynne. Come by and say hello!

We'll have all 4 issues of Eve and some of the NYCC pin-ups books as well as some posters.

Ash also finished up a great original pin-up book for WW Philly which includes 7 pin-ups from other artists.

Here's one of Ash's:

and one by Cesar Gaspar, colored by Ash:

And here's a sneak peek at the snazzy 3 foot by 6 foot banner for the table:

Hope to see you in Philly!

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